E-stairs.com and LaiptuMeistras.lt-this is the correct price of stairs!

  • This store, you can see that the stylish stairs are inexpensive;
  • our stairs from Vilnius are served to warehouse the next day after the order or shall be delivered within 2-3 weeks;
  • our stairs You susimontuosite yourself in the max 2 days (our master do so within 1 business day).

Just today you can already find all the advantages of the www.laiptumeistras.lt :

  • the ladder is correctly scaled, because you can choose from a number of standard steps have already been made;
  • the stairs are in the warehouse in Vilnius and will reach Your course tomorrow, or at the latest within 3 weeks. Just call us or send us an enquiry and we will reply within the objectives of the supply;
  • stairs installed within 1 working day or client montuojasi them myself, because it's easy (instruction to each ladder);

Yours sincerely
http://www.laiptumeistras.lt team

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Stair supply

From the warehouse in Vilnius, pick up the same day or kurjeriu across the Country within 2-3 days;
From the warehouse within 2-4 weeks.

Stair installation

All stairs must mount instructions and apply the same susimontuoti;
Or our Masters assemble within 1 working day, if your space is ready for installation.

The active work of the Sales Manager

By expanding the supply of staircases and improved customer service, we invite you to join our team and work in Vilnius and Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
Requirements: good knowledge of engineering, understanding of the stair materials, pay mounting steps and explain to customers, well speak English, Russian, and English, the driving laws.
The possibility of earning more than the average salary and enjoy free movement of labor. All the efforts are the subject of accessories and there is no upper limits of compensation.
We look forward to RESUME epaštu: info@laiptumeistras.lt